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Real-Life Bugs & Insects
Real-Life Bugs & Insects

A team of experts has carefully selected for you all the most exceptional insect, arachnids and minibeast found in nature. These truly amazing specimens are showcased in durable display boxes especially designed for the collection. All the species featured have been grown on farms specifically for this series.None of the species are threatened or endangered.

Launch Date: 2014-05-26
Number of Issues: 85
Frequency:Weekly (4 issues every 4 weeks)
Price:Part 1: R 9.90
Part 2+: R99.90
Free Gifts:Despatch 1 – Wall Chart
Despatch 2 – Free Binder
Despatch 4 – Bugs Observatory Kit
Despatch 6 – Authentic Giant South American Tarantula
Binder Information:Binders sent out automatically every 15 issues at R99.90. (6 in total)
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