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Dinosaurs and Friends SA
Dinosaurs and Friends SA

Dino & Friends is from the publisher of the hugely successful “My Animal Farm Collection”. This is a brand new fun filled educational book collection. Each book comes with special items sometimes relating to the Dinosaur and their friends featured in that issue, or as part of the general collection.
Discover all the dinosaurs & other animals that lived on Earth in the distant past: T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, the Mammoth, Sabre-tooth-Tiger and their cubs.
In each hard backed book you will find beautiful reproductions of the animal families and prehistoric Man, plus much more to create a bygone world to explore!
This is a unique collection gives an in-depth and fun filled way to get to know Earth’s inhabitants from millions of years ago. Full of coloured illustrations and stories, the books tell you how dinosaurs and their friends were made, how they lived and how you can rediscover them today!
Read, Learn and Play with the prehistoric animals, published in a smaller format – perfect for little hands!

Launch Date: 2015-07-27
Number of Issues: 60
Frequency:Weekly (4 issues every 4 weeks)
Price:Issue 1 - R24.90
Issue 2 onwards - R79.90
Free Gifts:Standard Gifts
D1: Free Issues & Free Shark Figure set
D3: Free Play mat & Toy box.
D5: Free Dinosaur Bookends
D7: Free Dino & Friends Pyjamas
(Sizes: 2-4 (s) and 4-6 (L))

Premium Gifts
D8: Free Ice Age Family – Father & Daughter
D12: Free Ice Age Family – Mother & Son
Last Dispatch: Free Ice Age Hut
Binder Information:N/A
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