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The Classic Dinky Toy Collection
The Classic Dinky Toy Collection

The Classic Dinky Toys Collection takes readers back to their childhood, when exciting new die-cast models could be purchased for just a few shillings. A constantly updated catalogue kept pace with the changing tastes of children, as a fascination with racing cars gave way to an envy of American sedans complete with fins and chrome, while still loving the family cars and delivery vehicles on the roads outside their homes.

These models have been carefully re-created, complete with traditional yellow boxes, following the original colour schemes. Each model comes with a magazine that details the development of the original model and its variants, as well as looking at the actual car that the model is based on; a note of nostalgia comes with a run-down of the great moments in the year when the vehicle was made. To complete the reader’s appreciation of the toy-collecting tradition, there is also an article on the history of the Dinky company.

Launch Date: 2018-06-04
Number of Issues: 60
Frequency:Fortnightly (2 issues every 4 weeks)
Price:Issue 1 R49..90
Issue 2 R99.90
Issue 3 R149.90
Free Gifts:Standard Subs Gifts:
D1: Free Dinky Toys Key Ring.
D3: Free Dinky Toys Reproduction Catalogue
D5: Free Dinky Toys Tin Poster
D7: Free Dinky Toys Filling Station Accessory.

Premium Subscription Gifts:
Last Delivery: dinky Toy Service station
Binder Information:R89.90 each binder holds 15 issues. First one with D4 then with sent with issues 16, 31 and 46 (4 in total)
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