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Classic Pocketwatches - SA
Classic Pocketwatches - SA

Classic Pocketwatches is a great new collection to treasure and display. A unique combination of elegant style and superior craftsmanship brings you pocketwatches with style, nostalgia, elegance and precision. The magazine builds into a complete reference guide to watches and clockmaking. Issue 1 comes with the 'Dickens' , a classic open-face pocketwatch with Stuart hands.

Number of Issues: 100
Frequency:Fortnightly (2 issues every 4 weeks)
Price:Issue 1: R29.95
Issue 2: R69.95
Issue 3: R99.95
Free Gifts:Early Bird Gift - set of 3 pocketwatch chains
1st Delivery - Pocketwatch cleaning kit
2nd Delivery - Binder & Dividers
2nd Delivery - (Debit order, DD/CC Customers only) Silver-plated Pocketwatch "LaModerne"
4th Delivery - Pocketwatch Display Tray
Binder Information:First binder is given as a subscription gift and then every 20 issues with issues 20,40,60. Binders will be available to trade customers with issue 14,34,54 and 74.
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