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The Art of Quilting
The Art of Quilting

Learn the art of patchwork quilting with this new magazine series. Every issue you will receive all the fabric you need and simple instructions to create the perfect patchwork quilt block-by-block. Starting with simple instructions, and becoming a little more challenging as the series continues, your patchwork quilt will build into a beautiful heirloom to treasure and keep. Use your new-found quilting skills to create beautiful projects for the whole family ranging from the small and simple through to more complex patchwork designs and projects.

Launch Date: 2016-06-20
Number of Issues: 90
Frequency:Weekly (4 issues every 4 weeks)
Price:Issue 1: R19.90
Issue 2: R39.90
Issue 3+: R59.90
Free Gifts:1st Delivery: Scissors
1st Delivery: Quilting Ruler
2nd Delivery: Needle Wheel
2nd Delivery: Rotary Cutter (online subscribers only)
4th Delivery: Box
Binder Information:Binder Price: R59.90 First binder is FREE with issue 2 after which it is paid for at issues 20, 40, 60 and 80.
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